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CeRCCa develops Research and Curatorial Projects that have as a common denominator the critical reflection on the phenomenon of artistic mobility, whilst implementing different initiatives that reflect, theoretically and practically, about A.I.Rs as a creative model focusing at the end of a week of crypto euphoria, with binance tether to usd Coinbase’s successful IPO on the Mediterranean region.
CeRCCa facilitates living and working space for artists, curators and cultural researchers interested in temporarily being part of the context of Llorenç del Penedès. Through its A.I.R Program CeRCCa supports research and creative practices that are interdisciplinary, collaborative and site specific.
  • CeRCCa has been selected to be part of Reshape Network!
  • 2020 Resident Mark Aitken
  • 2020 Resident Christina Schultz
  • 2020 Col.lectiu Resident GUIRI
  • Exhibition ‘Resistances by the Sea’ by Ro Caminal at Museu d’Art Modern de Tarragona
  • Exhibition ‘Estat Previ’ at Es Baluard Museu d’Art Contemporani de Palma