NACMM is a research and info-platform about residency and mobility initiatives for artists, writers and researchers interested in travelling and developing projects from within North Africa. The aims of NACMM are: To promote an alternative understanding of the socio-cultural contexts of the region and to strengthen artistic and research collaborations between North African countries and beyond.

In order to achieve these goals the project has developed:

  • A cartography of 70 artist in residency programs operating in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine.
  • 45 video interviews to artists, curators, researchers and coordinators of Artist in Residency Programs in North Africa.
  • Information about funding opportunities with more than 20 organizations listed.
  • A database of resources with 90 entries.

NACMM is a project developed by CeRCCa (Barcelona), JISER (Barcelona and Tunis), Le18 (Marrakech) and Atelier de l’Observatoire (Casablanca).