Kaitlyn Reinhart & Cristal Buemi

Three Legged House Productions is a multi-media collaboration made up of Cristal Buemi and Kaitlyn Reinhart. Together, they have created several stop-motion animated films, documentaries, installation pieces, collage, photography and design. They have won several awards and have exhibited their work in Canada and internationally.

Project: ‘If These Walls Could Talk’

As they say ‘Memories can be both cultural histories and unique moments in a person’s life. Recorded as a way to mark time, places and events, they are often kept alive through art and story telling. Memories are communicated to help people understand the past and to help guide and shape the future.’ If these walls could talk was a mixed media installation piece using different found materials from the surrounding area of CeRCCa and the Penedès region. Within the physical installation itself there was a featured short documentary. The film focused on the production of the art piece itself as well as the experiences of both artists while in CeRCCa. Furthermore, the film integrated themes of memory and local art practice expressed through self-reflectivity and interviews to the four sisters that lived in ‘Cal Tinento´ before becoming CeRCCa as well as to the coordinator of CeRCCa Pau Catà and the director of Espai d’Art Les Quintanes Teresa Baltasar.

Konstantin Sha & Stanislaw Andreev

Konstantin Sha and Stanislaw Andreev run the creativity-studio, Trash DIY in Saint Petersburg. Their project specializes in making pieces of interior and exterior design and promotional objects. They have been initiators of product design by recycling, a movement still underdeveloped in Russia. During their time at CeRCCa, they designed lamps, chairs and other objects that where then re-appropriated by the community.