Christina Schultz

Christina Schultz was born on a Saturday noon, February the 5th, in Munich, Germany 1972.

During the last years she has been able to deepen her practice in various international artistic contexts, with several independent projects, with alternative distributions, performance actions and multipurpose exhibitions. She have received several supports for her creations through such grants as: “Art for Change” from “LaCaixa” and “Homesession”, OSIC by the Generalitat de Catalunya, “LaCapella and Barcelona Producció 2019”. Also by multiple artistic and research residences such as: MACBA,museum for contemporary art in Barcelona, Graner, center of investigation for dance and movement, Can Serrat, CerCCa, Nau Côclea ,, La Escocesa, Piramidón, Jiser and Jiwar and the Nau Estruch, art centers in Catalunya.

Col.lectiu Resident GUIRI

GUIRI institute is dedicated to the experimental practice of design, creativity and motion-graphics through projects that use capitalism, gentrification and appropiationism as a source of material and critical discourse in the context of our city. Founded is 2020 by Andzej Selistrovskij, Dani Canet and Víctor La Vega.