Petra Fornayová

Petra Fornayová studied dance at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and at the EDDC Düsseldorf and law at the University of Comenius Bratislava. Except for different courses she participated regularly at the MAPA workshops (Moving academy for performing arts, Holland). She was among others member of SST contemporary dance group, dancer of the State Opera Banská Bystrica, guest member of Théatre du Mouvement, Paris. She performed in many dance and theatre projects of Slovak and foreign directors and choreographers (P.Groll, A. Green/USA, M.Fulkerson/USA,DE, C.Heggen/FR, M. Hawkins/GB, etc.). Since 2000, she has created her own choreographies (Halfmoon Bear, Little Stories, Kirin, Deep Disorder of Epidermis, etc.). She participated at the festivals Tanec Praha, Festival d´ Otoňo Madrid, Mediawave Festival Györ, Bratislava in Movement, Divadelná Nitra, etc. She also teaches contact improvisation, writes for contemporary art magazine Vlna, organises dance productions in the frame of A4 – space for contemporary art in Bratislava. Since 2001, she is in charge of Contemporary Dance Association in Slovakia.


‘Extravagancy is the name of the play of Rafael Spregelburd – one of the Heptalogy of Hieronymus Bosch. I am working with the drama text to develop it in to a performance, where in the same value I would like to use both speach and movement.

I have decide to work on this play becausae the theme is both very personal for me and very general. Personal in the way of describing disfunctioned realtionships -among 3 sisters (if they even exist), between mother and daugther(s). But it could be also very different story: no 3 sisters, just one dealing with a problem of own unmaturity showing 3 different side of her being. This double possible explanation of the play for one performer (playing 3 sisters) with a lot of references to other art pieces offers a wide range of interpretation which means a great challenge for the director / performer. The other – more general – reason of my interest towards this play is in its form – use/type of the text creates great opportunities for playing with it – focusing e.g. on the opposites „text/non-text“ (text with a relevant content/text used formally with an emptied content)’.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Peter Šulej

Peter Šulej is a poet and writer. He is author of nine poetry books, two collections of short stories and one novels, many independent studies and articles focused on contemporary art and literature. His work has been translated in many languages. He also wrote four radioplays and cooperate on dance performances with Petra Fornayova.

In 1994, he founded Drewo a Srd editing house, which has published many relevant works of Slovak and world literature. In 1999, he founded Vlna (Wave), quarterly magazine for contemporary art and culture. Each issue is focused on a specific subject, with many articles about contemporary literature, theatre, music, fine arts and dance. Peter Šulej is a co-founder and the dramaturge of Ars Poetica, international poetry festival, yearly held in Bratislava.

Kristin Man

Kristin Man, originally from Hong Kong, lived in North America and Europe. She found herself immersed in black & white film photography and the darkroom process as a teenager, a background that has remained a source of influence to her approach. She is also inspired by multiple disciplines: poetry, film, dance, music, philosophy and painting. Kristin’s artistic approach explores how beauty and form can be appreciated whether it is in our day-to-day routine or when we travel to more exotic places. She presents her perspectives with a twist of abstraction and renders a metaphysical quality in her often painting-like photos.

‘Fragments of Grey Matter’ is her first published monograph and it has been awarded at The Tokyo Directors Club 2014 under the book design category. Kristin has recently exhibited at the Art Fairs of Palm Springs California and New York.

Sana Ghobbels

Sana Ghobbels studied an MA in Fine Arts at Umea Academy (Sweden) and has a BSc in Architecture and Art by the Azad Tehran University (Iran). She is currently research assistant at the Umea School of Architecture and is invited artists to the Relational Architecture research group of the same university.

In 2014 her work has been screened at the Furtherfield Gallery in London, the 7th Cairo Video Festival and the 27th Festival Les Instants Video in Marseille and Milan as well as the Ne Fest in Sophia, Bulgaria. She also has been selected to be part of different residencies in Vienna thanks to the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture in cooperation with KulturKontakt and also in the Hanasaari Finnish-Swedish Center in Espoo in Finland.

Laurence Leduc-Primeau

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Laurence Leduc-Primeau is a writer, a keen traveler and a curious mind, thirsty for knowledge of all kinds, from the small quirkiness of everyday to the grand and wise truths of the world. After studies in architecture, international politics, history and creative writing, she completed a Master’s degree in urban studies (2013). She has lived in Australia, Argentina and Portugal. Her first novel, À la fin ils ont dit à tout le monde d’aller se rhabiller, will be published in the Fall of 2015, at La Mèche (Montreal). She is working on her second book.

Sine Ergun

Sine Ergun is a Turkish writer, cultural manager and Director of Mau Mau an interdisciplinary Artist in Residency Program in Istanbul. She has a degree in International Relations by Bilkent University and a MA in Cultural Management by the Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi. She has work for several editorials companies and was research assistant at the Istanbul Bilgi University. As a writer She has published different short story books and has been awarded different prizes.