Laura Tous

Laura Tous is an artist from El Vendrell. She studied Visual Arts at the University of Barcelona specializing in Painting. During her studies she engaged in Art Therapy at the Metàfora Art School. Through Art Therapy she discovered a refreshing point of view about the creative process and its therapeutic potential.

In 2008 she started her Master Integratiu d’Arteràpia at Universitat de Girona and joined the GREFART group of professional Art Therapist in 2010. Since 2012 She is focused in creating a net with artists and therapists from the Penedès area and its surroundings.


During her time at CeRCCa she Laura Tous worked in the development of her ongoing projects Ohne Dich (Without You) and Mit Dir (With You) where she explores the attachment feeling that remains in oneself in someone’s absence. Her media of expression is abstract painting which combines traditional tecniques like watercolor and experimental ones like blueprint. The concept of love she is working in doesn’t refer exclusively to romantic love but as a connection between people in an open state that allows new possibilities to grow and expand.

During her stay in CeRCCa she wanted to unify through a performance her paintings with her singing practice. The result is Zusammen (Toghether) a shared project with several musicians. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Tatevik and Shehab also artists in residence at CeRCCa.

Shehab Hassan

Shehab Hassan is a graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Alexandria (Egypt). Since 2000 he got engaged in New Media and started working in advertising and photography as well as web design. The revolutionary events that took place in Egypt in January 25, 2011 were a turning point in his career both at a professional and personal level.

It was after this experience when Shehab Hassan started working for El Madina for Performing & Digital Arts. In 2012, he became one of El Madina team and since then he has been an integral part of the project developing the on line image of the organization as well as developing several workshops and festivals.


During his time at CeRCCa Shehab Hassan worked on the developent of the concept and the websites the NACMM - North Africa Cultural Mobility Map) and the Tikeya Nomadic and Research Residency Program projects that are part of the collaboration between El Madina and CeRCCa.

Shehab Hassan was resident at CeRCCa as part of the DAWRAK Citizen Exchange Program funded by Anna Lindh Foundation

Tatevik Avetisyan

Tatevik Avetisyan has accumulated over 10 years’ work experience in communications supported by academic and non-formal study as well as practice in Armenia, the U.S, Poland and Ukraine. Her areas of interest are public relations, communications and cultural studies. She has encompassed this scope through practical work, consultancy, academic and applied training as well as direct engagement. She has also conceptualized and managed a number of endeavors aimed at discussions, alternative use and transformation of public spaces through artistic performance. Currently She provides consultancy in managing communications, public relations and community relations to entities dealing with urban planning, infrastructure development and resource management systems.


During her career as a communications professional She has been closely observing the developments of social sphere, transformations of culture and public space use in Armenia and other countries. During her time at CeRCCa she researched about the practices and challenges of similar habitats in Catalonia.

By using cultural, communication theories and social research methods such as observation and participation as well as story telling She gained insight into the practices of using cultural heritage and modernization in rural and urban communities in the Penedes region. Her main media of expression and content creation was text with visual interpretations to accompany the text such as sketches or photos.

‘The book of impressions’

‘I opened the treasure box with awe. It was a simple receptacle with a few colorful ornaments. There was no lock or a key to it. They do not lock doors, boxes or drawers here. So I opened it with the awe of a curious traveler. There lay a diary with annotations in different languages, an aromatic papier armenie, a wooden egg, a piece of bread and a house with a courtyard, garden and shades that surpassed the time. If I ventured to enter that box I would be enchanted and lost in the mazes of it. I wanted to find the way to the unknown and back home, so I kept a thread of love and gratitude in my heart as a guide...’

Thus starts my midsummer journey to CeRCCa with the dichotomy of a travelerversus a tourist. I was euphoric to immerse into Catalan culture during the two weeks of traveling in several towns in the Penedès region observing and reflecting upon the flux and flow, serenity and use of public spaces as well as storytelling through architecture and manifestation of local tradition. My quest was the discovery of phenomena and processes of the everyday and the unique, of the explicit and implicit without the precondition of the ‘what’ specifically. My trip to Catalonia was a mixed adventure ranging from planned to serendipitous findings and encounters, self-reflection and initiation of dialogue with people who eagerly shared their knowledge, experiences and hospitality. I had a good feeling of being in the right place in the right time. People that I have met make the inseparable part of this story. In fact, they are the story whether I have built close ties with them or simply passed by saying ‘hola’.

The diary of my observations evolves into a set of essays and features that seams this invaluable experience of looking beyond the everyday and tapping into the extraordinary. This repository of impressions and networks will continuously inspire me, and hopefully others, thanks to the drive for discovery and CeRCCa’s vision of providing a non-conventional creative space.

The Everyday at Llorenç del Penedès

The house of Cal Tinentu that host CeRCCa residencies was an endless source of investigation and inspiration like the small town of Llorenç del Penedès itself.